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have some wipe/ burp cloths up in the store.
working on the tie dye shirts

we are coming back

I am going to start putting stuff back up on the site.
we still do NOT have a serger so the burp cloths /etc will have to be turned and top stitched from now on.
i have some tie dye shirts that will be stenciled
and i am working on some amigurami to sell
all in my spare time. (lol)

and MMAAAYYBBEEEE some diapers depending on how they turn out when i make them for the boy.


i was playing around with the paint and the stencils, so jaxen and i got some new designs on our shirts. i have a ton of tie dyed shirts that i never put up on hyena cart, i think i am going to stencil a lot of them. i had fun being creative with the colors, i will have to get an upclose pic of the dragonfly and the snail as they are multi layered with color.

aug 2007 aug 2007
tie dye stenciled shirts


tie dye

i am going to do another batch in about a week. if you have any interest, please place an order for them on hyena cart so i know what to shop for :)



5 hours later, the store is stocked with all instock and custom orders. :)
finally! lol
check us out.


breast pads

just for clarification
with the breast pads
the flannel side goes towards the skin :)



i had some extra tie dye shirts and onesies left over from the last batch, so i stocked the hyena cart. :)


fun with stencils


fabrics for wipes or burp cloths

*** edit : hyena cart now stocked, not all fabrics are available anymore. check here:

aliens aliens
for wipes or burp cloths

moons/stars moons/stars
for wipes or burp cloths

pink circles pink circles
for wipes or burp cloths

clouds clouds
for wipes or burp cloths

dragonfly dragonfly
for wipes or burp cloths

monkeys monkeys
for wipes or burp cloths

retro circles and stripes retro circles and stripes
for wipes or burp cloths

blue circles blue circles
for wipes or burp cloths

retro blue squares retro blue squares
for wipes or burp cloths *limited amount*



new stencils new stencils

stecils stecils